Golden ray attunment is a very beautiful Empowerment includes teachings on the healing power of forgiveness. The Golden Ray Empowerment or attunment also includes notes on how to release fears so you can progress spiritually.

It involves stories and meditations and working on forgiveness, negative energy, and the golden ray for healing. Without executing forgiveness, we fail to manifest our greater good and life seems harder and more painful.
This simple golden ray attunement has a powerful and far reaching effect. Forgiving others is not a sign of weakness or letting someone off the hook. We forgive others so that WE can get well and move on with OUR lives.
By releasing this negative bond between yourself and another you may well find that even though the other person is unaware of what you have done your relationship will improve none the less in a similar manner to a cord cutting ritual.
The Golden Ray Empowerment

How to perform a healing session

1. Imagine that you are inside the Golden Ray (just imagine that you are inside a ray of golden
energy). Do this for 2-3 minutes (or as guided)

2. Mentally say: (Name) is now receiving the healing he/she needs.

3. Imagine the receiver inside the Golden Ray, permeated and surrounded by the golden energy. Do
this for a few minutes or as guided.

4. Done.

Passing on The Golden Ray Empowerment

1. Imagine that you are inside the Golden Ray. Do this for 2-3 minutes.

2. Mentally say: the (Name) is now receiving the Golden Ray Empowerment.
This empowerment takes about 15 minutes.

The Golden Ray

Everything we send out comes back to us. Sometimes it takes a long time to come back - maybe a
lifetime or more.

One of the reasons it takes so long is this. If we send out anger, for example, the other person may
absorb it like a sponge. A sponge will soak up poison and won release it until it is squeezed. By
Spiritual Law the poison will then be returned to its original owner.

If we refuse to accept the anger or soak up the poison, it returns immediately back to the person
who sent it.

A  spiritual method for protection:
There is, however, a more spiritual and equally effective way of handling negative thoughts sent to
us. Just imagine your heart center wide open so that the Love and Wisdom of the Universe is able to
flow into you and all around you, cocooning you in golden energy. This golden energy of Love and
Wisdom is the most powerful energy of all.
Psychic protection
I was told this story by a friend. Her friend Clementine was living in a beautiful cottage in a small
village. One day there was a knock on the door and a lady who had just moved into a house on the
outskirts of the village stood there. Without preamble, she declared that she wanted to buy
Clementine cottage and asked her how much she would sell for.

Clementine was considerably taken aback and replied that her house was not for sale. She was
adamant and the new villager left, muttering darkly.

Clementine felt uneasy. Her unease turned to concern and then to alarm as strange, nasty things
started happening to and around her. She told a friend about her concerns and suspicions. Her friend
took her to see an elderly psychic. This old man listened to Clementine story gravely. Then he
advised her to imagine herself holding a mirror up between herself and her possible enemy.

He explained that if the lady was sending Clementine destructive thoughts, Clementine would no
longer absorb them, so allowing them to create havoc in her life. Instead the destructive thoughts
would bounce off the mirror straight back to whoever sent them.

If the villager was not sending her destructive energy, then of course nothing would happen.
Clementine did exactly as she had been instructed and was shocked when less than a week later, the
villager  house caught fire and burnt to the ground. She felt awed and somewhat guilty. In fact
there was no need to feel guilt. The Law says, As you sow shall you reap. Her positive intervention
had merely speed ed up the process of karma.
To visualize holding up a mirror to bounce thoughts back to their owner is a very powerful

When the dark thought forms come towards us, we can dissolve them in the golden light and ask
that golden balls of Love and Wisdom be directed back to the sender instead.

This makes us feel good; the person who has sent out destruction and received back love, feels good
and his or her karma is transmuted by our love.

By this method the vast cloud of collective karma in the Universe can be dissolved.

If Clementine had put her heart into this technique, instead of merely protecting herself, the villager
would have felt better. Her house would not have burnt down and there would have been more love
in the Universe.

Remember: there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

The golden ray is very special and very powerful. It contains the essence of Universal energy, love
and wisdom. It also has a gentleness about it which can be felt but which is difficult to explain. It is
the color ray most often used when we are musing and available to higher awareness.

Making space for the golden ray
Whenever I talk about the golden energy someone invariably shares an experience they have had.

Jenny told me of her great dilemma. She didn't know if she loved her boyfriend enough to marry
him. What if it was wrong and she was making a ghastly error? She churned the problem over and
over for days and weeks.

Then one day she was sitting on a train and her mind became lulled. It is at these moments that we
are receptive. Suddenly a golden light filled her heart and she knew that her boyfriend was the right

This is why it is so important to find our inner stillness. It is into this stillness, this silence within,
that the Deep Wisdom can enter.

Many people find that they can make a deeper connection with this inner silence when they are out
in nature. Nature doesn't judge like people do. When we are with people our defenses are up. And
when we feel safe in the non-judgement of nature, then we can relax and hear the wisdom of our
inner silence.

If we can't physically be out in nature it helps tremendously to imagine ourselves in a place of
beauty and serenity.

Peter had had arthritis in his right knee for years. His job entailed bending and kneeling and his
knee was painful and stiff. A doctor told him that he'd just have to take painkillers every day for the
rest of his life. He believed this and kept going on aspirin.

Then he went on a weekend workshop where he got in touch with the anger he repressed about his
father. During the weekend, he beat the anger out into a cushion, he shouted and he expressed all
the emotions towards him that he'd never dared express in life. Next day he lay in bed and a gold
light came into his leg and up his body. It entered his knee and healed it completely of arthritis. He
hasn't had a twinge since.

We don't have to wait for the golden ray to come to us. We can open ourselves up to the energy by
intent or visualization and radiate it to do its magic.

It really works
Anita had been to one of my workshops where we talked about the golden ray of energy. She
thought it was decidedly suspect and probably only worked for suggestible people - and, she
persuaded herself, she was down to earth and pragmatic.

Some time later she had to go to a social event. Her ex-husband was to be there, as well as a couple
who had been friends of both of theirs. However, when she had left her husband, this couple had
sided with him. They supported him, visited him and refused to acknowledge Anita at all when they

The social event appeared a gloomy prospect but suddenly Anita remembered the golden energy.
She opened her heart centre and visualized golden light flooding her body and creating a golden
aura around her. She imagined herself protected by this and full of love. Then she set off to the
social event, determined to be warm, friendly and golden.

She mixed with people she knew and didn't find herself in the company of her two ex-friends, but
just kept herself golden and radiating love. Later in the evening, separately, the husband and wife
came over to her and spoke civilly to her. They each said they were sorry they'd been unkind and
judgmental. They would like to be friends again.

Anita was delighted and amazed. Her intellectual mind had difficulty in accepting the power of the
golden vibration of love, but now that she had experienced it working, she said she would never
doubt it again. Golden energy raises the consciousness of sender and receiver. It creates miracles.
When we focus on the best in others, astonishing things happen.

We are as powerful as that
Phillipa phoned me in despair one morning. Her teenage daughter was being rude and difficult. She
was incredibly untidy and refusing to do anything to help at home. Phillipa was a single parent and
had struggled to bring Ann up. She worked tremendously hard to pay her mortgage and support the
two of them, so she had little time for social life. Not surprisingly her relationships with men were
unsatisfactory. And she had no time or energy for her daughter.

I knew that Phillipa was getting no emotional nourishment herself, so how could she possibly
nourish her daughter? Instead she bombarded Ann with resentful thoughts and unspoken demands.
Ann picked these up, put up her defenses and attacked her mother where it hurt, by being rude and
difficult, untidy and unhelpful. Hence the telephone cry for help that morning.

The one thing that Phillipa could change and change quickly was her thought pattern towards Ann. I
suggested that she set aside two twenty minute periods that day to focus on Ann with love. In that
time she was to think about all the good things they'd done together, to remember all the nice
qualities she had and then to hold her in golden light. Phillipa promised to do so.

She phoned me next day in a state of excitement and shock. She did exactly as I suggested during
that day. When she arrived home she found that Ann had cleaned the kitchen and cooked her
mother a special meal.

When Phillipa raised her consciousness and radiated the golden energy of love to her daughter, Ann
had felt it and responded to it with love.

We are as powerful as that. Love is as powerful as that. We can light up the good in others as easily
as that. We can light up ourselves as quickly as that.

We think it is such hard work to clear out the darkness within us. It takes but a moment to switch on
the light.

The Healing Power of Forgiveness

You cannot move on, unless you forgive!

When you forgive, you become a spiritually beacon.

When you forgive, you become a much better healer.

When you forgive, love flows much easier thru you.

When you forgive, you are helping humanity.

When you forgive, you release fear!

When you release fear, you stop attracting negative experiences!

I now hope that you feel how important it is, to forgive the people you have been around, in the past
and present. If you really want to make a spiritually leap, start forgiving today!
It is not only important, it is completely necessary to do, in order to evolve further and progress
your spiritual advancement!

Forgiving another person is one of the most evolving things you can do in this lifetime! We all have
forgiveness to give to those closest to us. 

So how do I do it?

The most important persons to start with is past/present

- Girl/boyfriends
- Wife/husband/s
- Children/s
- Money

You might have other persons that you just know you have to forgive. Include these. Remember,
when you forgive each person, it's for all lifetimes you have ever spent together not just this one.

1. Find a quiet place. Pick a person to forgive.

2. Now imagine that you are hugging this person really loving, while you are saying (mentally or
loud): "I forgive you for everything, I forgive you for everything, I forgive you for everything " as
many times as you like. Really mean it. At the same time imagine that the person is filled with Gold
Light. (You can also imagine this person in Golden Ray together with you, while doing this

You might feel different sensations like pressure on the chest, a slight pain somewhere in your body
etc, but just keep on doing it until you feel a "release". This might feel like "air going out of a

When you feel that you are done with the person, proceed to the next.

You do not need to ask the other person to forgive you too. The other person will automatically
forgive you, as you are healing him/her at the same time with gold light. That is the magic of gold
light. Also do not be afraid of doing something wrong, by healing the other person without asking.
Unconditional love cannot violate. Gold light is unconditional love, so therefore it cannot violate.

Do not take all persons in one go! Take 1-4 at a time. Some will have a little release and others will
have a huge release of energy so you might go "wuau!! I have to stand up and walk around."

So take it slow. You also might get headache (I did) or another "healing crisis" but that is only a
sign of progress. The body have to adjust to the "new you". Tiredness is usual. Go to bed early and
give your body time to rest and rejuvenate. You might get vivid dreams. Just relax and go with the
flow. Everything is going to be just great!

When you are done with all the persons and "money", then its time to forgive yourself! Do it the
same way. Just imagine hugging yourself.

Did you notice that I mentioned "money" as one to forgive? The 3 biggest releases I had was my
first girlfriend, my wife and .money! "But that is not a person?!" No, its not, but you can forgive it
although. Believe me, most people on this planet have to "forgive money". All that sadness, war and
poverty we have blamed money on! because money itself is only pure energy nothing else. Its
how we see money that is important. 

Please do not underestimate this "exercise". It seems very simple and it is! But that does not mean
that it's not of importance. It is pretty crucial to do!