Lakshmi Attunement

Lakshmi Attunement
Lakhsmi  which in Sanskrit simply means fortune - is the consort of Vishnu and the mother of Kama desire not Karma, which really means action. 
Lakshmi Empowerment, The empowerment is a triple empowerment focusing on the main qualities of Lakshmi:  Fortune  with abundance and happiness included.  Knowledge  including divine knowledge and purity . 

Beauty  bringing beauty into your life. She is worshiped all over Asia though no temple is dedicated to her. 

She always wears gold embroidered red clothes. Red symbolizes activity and the golden lining indicates prosperity. 

Lakshmi is the active energy of her consort Vishnu. Lakshmi is depicted as a beautiful woman with four hands, sitting or standing on a full-bloomed lotus and holding a lotus bud, which stands for beauty, purity and fertility. 

Her four hands represent the four ends of human life: dharma law or righteousness, kama desire, artha wealth, and moksha liberation rebirth. 

Cascades of gold coins are seen flowing from her hands, suggesting that those who worship her gain wealth.  You will be attuned to the loving energies of Goddess Lakshmi. 

Lakshmi Attunement

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