Uniting, Merging, Changing: This symbol is the symbol that allows us to accept the positive changes that Reiki can stimulate. This symbol helps us to unite our higher selves with our physical selves, and helps us to merge the two into one.
Protection: This symbol can be used anywhere to help protect us. It can be instilled in any of the chakras to help protect the chakras from outside influences.
Exorcism, Banishment: This symbol is a deep cleansing symbol that allows us to exorcise dangerous bacterias, disorders and spiritual negativity from our bodies and spiritual body.
Celestial Healing: This symbol works in conjunction with the solar system and allows us to channel our healing from the 9 planets in our solar system. This way the symbol activates deep celestial healing from 9 points of energy for the Violet Flame.
Connect to Spiritual Consciousness: This symbol activates our spiritual awareness by bringing our spiritual consciousness into physical manifestation. This symbol activates past life awakening, opens up the third eye, and produces psychic dreams, visions, and other abilities.
Balance: This symbol allows the healer to balance out the chakra system, and give temperance to the client. This symbol should instill a sense of peace and relaxation within the client, as all psychological worries, and doubts will seem to fade away.
Divine Intervention: This symbol allows the healer to force the necessary changes one must overcome in order for healing to occur. The client may have a sense of renewal and
feel as though a spiritual force is uplifting them.
Yin and Yang: The balance of negative and positive energy within the body. The knowledge and wisdom of morals and ethics. The strength to make positive decisions.
Universal Cleansing: This symbol represents cleansing on a universal level. This symbol cleanses our soul from its origins of cosmic dust. This symbol is also used for cleansing
planets, stars and universal energies.