8 Ways To Get Healthier and Becoming a Better You

8 Ways To Get Healthier and Becoming a Better You

8 Ways To Get Healthier and Becoming a Better You

1. Lose Weight:

Lose weight by going on a safe weight loss plan.  You will feel healthier and better. You will feel great and look good. 

2. Eat sensibly, with a well balanced diet:

Few people eat a good balanced diet daily. So by taking supplements you will be getting all the right minerals and vitamins in the right amounts that your body needs.

3. Take More Exercise:

Exercising will help you increase your energy and lose weight, by doing that you will enjoy the feel good feeling as your endorphins will come into play.

4. Be kind to yourself.  

Love your self. Spend an evening just doing what you most enjoy to do. Put on your favorite music. Get someone to give you a massage, Meditate ....

5. Increase your energy 

To Increase your energy you need to be able to speeding up your metabolism.
Speeding The Metabolism is Easy. 
Increase your energy by eating Mediterranean foods (Mediterranean Diet) that help speed up your metabolism. 

It will also help you to lose weight.
The Mediterranean Diet is a lots of fresh vegetable and fruits , especially dark green leafy ones.

6. Be positive.  

Your thoughts are what make you what you are:

If you tell your subconscious mind some affirmations for many times, it will not reason, it will believe it to be the truth.


7. Drink more water:

Drink enough water to flush the toxins out of your body

8. Improve your knowledge:

you are never too old to learn.
Curiosity does not kill the cat.
Reading a book is good for your 
mind and vital for your memory.